Mantrans BV

Leading. Setting new standards. That’s how our customers often qualify our service. With over 25 years of experience we may say our customers appreciate our progressiveness! Our pro-active attitude when it comes to investments in our advanced fleet, ICT and most of all our employees, directly affects our customers.
As from 1st January 2011 our advanced fleet consists of 26 trucks; most of them is to deploy multifunctional. For this reason we aren’t only specialized in breeding-,turkey- and poultry transport, but also carry out manure transport and transport of mixed cargo.

For us, durability is very important. Durable materials, clean engines. These are spearheads of our policy. 80% of our vehicles is equipped with the cleanest engines available.           

Animal friendliness comes first in our poultry transport. We are trendsetter when it comes to hygiene requirements. Thanks to our measures we can guarantee a clean and safe poultry transport
Our drivers are trained, experienced and qualified. Their knowledge is always up-to-date. They anticipate your needs and don’t have a “nine-to-five-mentality”. They make sure the transport is carried out smoothly.

With Mantrans BV you choose for:

  • A solid and reliable business partner
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Specialized transport
  • Efficient transport
  • Tailored advises
  • Excellent service

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