Mantrans BV is a transport company and a real, close-knit family business that originated from an operation with its own slaughterhouse and multiple livestock and poultry farms. The slaughterhouse had its own trucks to transport poultry within the Netherlands and abroad.


In 1979 Job & Gerda Mandersloot founded Mantrans BV in addition to their cattle farm. In addition to their own poultry trade, they also transport chickens, turkeys and broilers.


The turkey slaughterhouse was expanded and Mantrans was asked to supply Dutch turkeys.


The life weight of turkeys ready for slaughter quickly increased, as a result of which the crates became too small. The containers purchased at the time in consultation with the slaughterhouse have since been replaced by the current in-house developed containers.


The poultry truck was replaced this year and a second vehicle was acquired for the transport of general cargo primarily destined for Switzerland, Austria and Czechoslovakia. In the years that followed, Mantrans grew as its clients grew. This resulted in an increasingly more extensive and advanced vehicle fleet for the transport of poultry, manure and general cargo.


In addition to poultry transport, Mantrans BV also began specialising in the transport of BDF trailers. As a result, the company partnered with various logistics service providers in the Netherlands and abroad.


The next generation started working in the company. The family’s sons work as drivers and can be found at client sites daily.


The services are expanded. An articulated loader is purchased. The loader is used on a daily basis to load poultry and manure. The loader is used for all existing clients and for clients in the region.


Following the emergence of market demand for light-weight vehicles, Mantrans develops a unique light-weight concept. The concept does not make any comprises concerning the available cargo area, making it possible to transport more poultry in each vehicle, while respecting international regulations.


The company is first in Europe to install a drinking system in a truck for use by poultry during transport. The system is certified such that it can also be used for transports lasting more than 12 hours.

The present

Today, Mantrans continues to be known as a professional player in the market whereby ‘reliable’ and ‘progressive’ are often heard terms in responding to the client needs.