About us

Trendsetting & standard-setting

Animal-friendly is a priority in our poultry transport. We are also frontrunners when it comes to hygiene. All of the measures we take enable us to 100% guarantee the clean and safe transport of your poultry.

Our drivers are well-trained, experienced and qualified. This way we ensure that their knowledge always is up-to-date. They like to contribute their ideas to the client and do not have a nine-to-five mentality. They ensure that the transport goes well.

  • Large vehicle fleet

  • Animal-friendly

  • Our vehicle fleet

    Our advanced vehicle fleet consists of 26 trucks, the larger part of which can be deployed in multifunctional ways. As a result we not only specialise in breeding, turkey, slaughter poultry and poultry transport, we also transport manure and general cargo.

    With Mantrans you choose for

    A solid and reliable business partner
    Specialized transport
    Customised advice
    Over 25 years of experience
    Efficient transport
    Outstanding service


    Trendsetting. Sets the standard. This is some of the feedback we regularly receive in response to our services. With over 25 years of experience, we are therefore not afraid to suggest that our progressive approach works to the benefit of our clients. Our proactive approach to investing in our advanced vehicle fleet, ICT and last but not least, our employees, works to the direct benefit of our clients.

    Getting to know each other and working together

    If you are interested in a reliable partner ready to look after all your transport needs, our employees and drivers stand ready to assist you! Contact us to become acquainted with Mantrans in general and our areas of expertise in particular.