Family business

Mantrans BV is a transport company which originates from a past with amongst others an own slaughterhouse and several poultry companies.

 The slaughterhouse used own trucks to transport the poultry. Not only it concerned poultry of own companies, but also poultry trade. In this way many contacts were made both at home and abroad.

When the slaughterhouse was sold, the trade continued and the poultry was delivered to the customers by means of own trucks.

In 1985 Mantrans BV continued where trade had stopped. With one car mainly poultry was transported for our customers. Mantrans BV cooperated with a slaughterhouse in Lendelede (Belgium).
When this slaughterhouse started slaughtering turkeys, Mantrans was ordered to transport the turkeys from the Netherlands to Lendelede. In the beginning, common poultry crates were used. Soon, live weight of the mature turkeys increased. The crates became too small. Containers were developed and purchased in consultation with the slaughterhouse. In the meantime they have been replaced by the current containers.

In 1991 a second truck was purchased. This truck mainly transported mixed cargo to Switzerland, Austria and Czechoslovakia.
As the number of customers increased, the number of trucks to transport poultry and mixed cargo increased as well.
Characteristic for Mantrans BV was and is: Progressiveness: anticipating the customer’s needs.