Long distance transport

Mantrans BV offers all kinds of possibilities to transport poultry. Both material and drivers are certified for transport longer than 8 hours. This license allows us to drive max. 12 hours from loading address to unloading address.

24 hour transport

In case transport is longer than 12 hours, an extra license is required. This license has to meet more stringent requirements concerning animal welfare during long distance transport. For example, your truck must be equipped with a drinking system. Mantrans BV has this license, which enables us to transport 24 hours from loading address to final destination. In this way a distance of +/- 2000 km can be achieved.

For this, we have developed a special trailer with containers. By means of a loader the containers are removed from the car in order to be loaded. As soon as the containers have been loaded, we connect the drinking system and start up transport.